Despite the significant challenges facing the binational region between the US and Mexico, border communities possess an array of untapped natural and human assets and prospects for growth, success and prosperity. The ten U.S. and Mexican states that make up the border region are home to nearly 100 million people and the world’s fourth-largest economy. From public health to natural resource management to national security, what happens on one side of the border has a major impact on the other—most particularly in the arena of economic development.

Along this fast-growing, immensely promising U.S.-Mexico region, The United States Mexico Foundation for Science (USMFS) has built strong binational alliances across governments, academia and the business sector. With appropriate backing from the public and private sectors, the Foundation will leverage its experience and network to influence new ventures that deliver on the technological, scientific, educational and human promise of this potent region.

Why invest in the US Mexico Border Region?

By helping this region leverage the potential it now possesses, the Foundation can expedite its ability to deliver the most sophisticated and advanced manufacturing capabilities in the world and compete with Asia as one of the world’s most globally competitive regions. The significant benefits would be many, including but not limited to:

Fostering new knowledge-based businesses of lasting economic significance for both countries.

Establishing public-private partnerships that invest in human capital and seed impactful new educational and economic developments.

Identifying new research opportunities, educational programs, business ideas and capital investments that only collaboration can bring to fruition.

Strengthening essential cross-border initiatives to improve public health north and south of the border while mitigating environmental risks.